Align Your Marketing To The CRM To Generate More Sales

For car dealerships, marketing has progressed at an unprecedented level and has never required such a low level of strategy making. The most successful dealerships measure, provide their team with a powerful CRM, analyze their campaign results and establish processes to offer a continuity between the online and in-dealership experiences.  A lot of aspects exist […]

Using Lead Nurturing To Convert Your Web Requests Into Sales

Are you ready for Lead Nurturing? In order to maximize the efficiency and the results, dealerships should learn everything relating to automation and lead nurturing. It’s already really popular in a lot of dealerships and other industries, and everyone would benefit from refining strategies that generate results.    What’s Lead Nurturing?  Lead nurturing is the […]

Would You Throw Money Out Your Window?

To invest wisely and to observe the repercussions of their marketing offensives better, dealerships must assess the results coming from different marketing pushes, such as online advertising, traditional marketing as well as pushes coming from their employees.  Dealerships making a large investment in their marketing should divide their plan into three categories:  Traditional Marketing, including […]

How to Take Your Dealership Processes Online?

In order to be on top of every client’s file, dealerships can count on many competent business partners specialized in digital processes.  To manage customer relations effectively, a dealership should prioritize a CRM with a relational approach over a transactional CRM. The CRM’s biggest strength is centralizing all of the dealership’s services under one platform […]

The Client List: A Source of Profit

A client list encourages inventory turnover and retains clientele.  Besides potential opportunities, a list of active clients remains an effective tool when used to its fullest potential.    A treasure to behold  Any dealership eager to expand its clientele will analyze the different possibilities to do so. Therefore, a list of existing clients or potential […]

What is automotive digital retailing, and how will it affect your dealership in 2022?

What does digital retailing mean for your car dealership? Automotive digital retailing is your dealership’s most powerful new tool, and it’s going to bring you into a shiny new future. More engagement, more sales, less work: keep reading to see how it’s done. Digital retailing is the all-in-one sales process that makes it easier and […]