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The Client List: A Source of Profit

A client list encourages inventory turnover and retains clientele. 

Besides potential opportunities, a list of active clients remains an effective tool when used to its fullest potential. 


A treasure to behold 

Any dealership eager to expand its clientele will analyze the different possibilities to do so. Therefore, a list of existing clients or potential prospects is a true treasure to exploit. 

Even if this approach requires more effort and a set of management skills, many dealerships understand the importance of managing this precious list. 

To ensure its success, the means of communication must vary. Whether the clients are contacted by email, phone call, automated message, or SMS, the idea behind this method is to adapt to the client’s reality without being too intrusive. 

It’s essential to establish a communication strategy and understand the proper tools. The first maintenance appointment is the perfect occasion to start off your relationship. 


A corporate culture 

Some dealerships will be more proactive in obtaining their clients’ data, but everyone works in their own way. 

This corporate culture flourishes with the management’s leadership: the dealership sets precise processes and safeguards them for everyone to adhere to, regardless of whether their seniors or new employees. 

This name catalog will undoubtedly be updated over time, but monitoring a client’s file closely will be beneficial when it comes time to retarget. 

We will take action once the client has positive equity in their file or when they’re about 18 months away from their renewal date. Thereafter, this becomes a case-by-case situation. 

In conclusion, if the process endures because of discipline and a desire to maintain a relationship, it is based on finality. 

In a competitive context where everyone sells the same product, the dealership must become an expert in managing their client’s list in order to stand out.

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