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The only thing that matters is inventory Webinar

Listen to Klaris Kovacs, Ivan Sandoval, and their panel of experts to find out how you can turn your team into a vehicle acquisition machine.

  • Todd Temple and Gary Finn from vAuto discuss inventory acquisition strategies
  • Q&A with Alison Smerek from about the Instant Cash Offer program
  • Klaris Kovacs, Motoinsight & Ivan Sandoval, TRFFK, share trade-in strategies from digital retailing and digital advertising perspectives

What is vAuto?

Next-generation inventory management solution enabling dealers to execute an investment-minded used vehicle pricing strategy and maximize each vehicles’ profit potential.

What is MotoCommerce?

The solution enables full omni-channel transacting, seamlessly integrating the online and in-store shopping experience.

What is TRFFK?

All-in-one digital advertising solution designed exclusively for the automotive sector -powered by advanced AI & Automation software technology

What is Instant Cash Offer?

(ICO) benefits both consumers and your dealership operations by providing a well-qualified and ready-to-go inventory source.


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