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Your Complete Service Management Platform.

Maximize the value of your service department, plus increase customer and employee retention with the best fixed ops technology.

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Your Service Department Challenges, Solved!

You face new challenges every day that stand between you and your profitability, efficiency, and customer retention goals.

That’s why Xtime has created a full range of solutions to help you overcome your challenges and reach your goals.

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Your Total Service Solution

Xtime partners with you to unlock the power of your service team, build customer trust, and create dealership transparency. With solutions such as our automotive service appointment scheduling software and more, you’ll boost your service department’s efficiency and your dealership’s revenue.

Real Results With Real Impact

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increase in service retention with Xtime Schedule
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additional ROs generated with Xtime Invite
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additional ROs generated with Xtime Engage
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increase in dollars per RO with Xtime Inspect
Source: Data from all Xtime dealers between July 2021 and June 2022
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increase in dollars per RO


Increase your shop’s efficiency and revenue while boosting customer satisfaction. By pairing pictures and video with service recommendations, Xtime Inspect facilitates transparent multipoint inspections and customer communication to streamline service processes.


  • Use a uniform, digital inspection process to maximize shop control, efficiency, and effectiveness.
  • Identify additional revenue opportunities and operational improvements with real-time dashboards and scoreboards that display your critical KPIs.
  • Take and send photos and video to your customers, increasing customer transparency and dollars per repair order.
Source: Data from all Xtime dealers between March 2021 and February 2022
$ 0 /mo.
additional ROs generated


Fill your service bays and keep generating revenue. As a marketing and demand generation tool, Xtime Invite helps you target the right audience to maximize your shop’s capacity with timely, personalized messaging.


  • Personalize your marketing with relevant repair and maintenance messaging to showcase how well you know your customers and their cars and build customer trust and satisfaction.
  • Visualize and target unsold shop capacity so you can see when to bring in customers for optimal service profitability.
  • Easily create service reminders via text message, run seasonal specials, and recapture declined services, allowing customers to book appointments with a tap of their phone.
Source: Data from all Xtime dealers between July 2021 and June 2022

Value of Your Performance Manager


Xtime assigns every customer a performance manager with deep industry experience.


Your performance manager will partner with you and leverage analytics to help identify key service trends for your business.


Your performance manager will measure your dealership’s performance to help you uncover opportunities and work with you to obtain your goals.

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Success Stories

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Bryan Smith

General Manager
Toronto Honda & Toronto Kia

“We were able to find opportunities to market to, be more thorough with the cars and communicate better with our customers. The net result is a 20%increase s in sales per repair order.”

Xtime Integrations

Xtime is a part of AutoSync, a suite of class-leading, connected automotive software solutions that bring your advertising, conversion and operational efforts together for unrivaled results. 

Let’s talk about creating the ultimate service experience at your dealership.

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