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All-encompassing Digital Marketing Strategies
TRFFK offers a comprehensive digital marketing solution for car dealerships including AI-powered software, cross-channel marketing, and a fully dedicated team of 50+ experts, resulting in the industry’s best ROI.
Real-Time KPI Monitoring and AI-Driven Ad Optimization
With TRFFK’s proactive dashboard tools, dealers can view real-time KPIs and adjust their Ad strategies instantly based on recommendations from AI, keyword trends, and Ad-influenced sales.
Innovative Ad Strategies on Google and Social Media Platforms
TRFFK’s innovative Ad strategies on Google and social media platforms, including Google Vehicle Ads and targeted Ads on social media, help dealers reach their target audience and increase conversions.
Exclusive Access to High-Quality Audiences for Remarketing
TRFFK has exclusive access to audiences, enabling remarketing on search, social, and display channels for improved performance and targeting.

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