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TAdvantage is part of AutoSync, a suite of class leading connected automotive software solutions bringing advertising, conversion, and operational efforts together for unrivalled results.

Ready to give car buyers the tools they need to make informed decisions and stand out in a crowded market?

Meet Showroom Advanced

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Key Benefits

Fully Customizable

The Model Details Page offers a library of widgets that can be customized to display static content specific to your unique needs

Increase Traffic

SEO optimized for all trims, with dynamic metadata generated to increase organic traffic and improve visibility on search engines

User Friendly

Highlight the most relevant information about each vehicle, making it easier for buyers to make informed decisions

Advanced Search Filters

Showroom Advanced enables car buyers to filter their search based on multiple criteria, all in one place.

Vehicle Make
Body Style

Models Detail Page

Showcase your unique offerings and stand out from the competition with Model Specific Configuration. Create landing pages that are tailored to each model, with data sourced directly from OEMs.

Default Layout

When activating the Showroom Advanced, the Model Details Page is built by default with 6 widgets in place for the page to render.

The on-page navigation is enabled by default on all Model Details pages out of the box.

Model-Specific Configurations

Modify certain widgets to have a unique rendering for every model to create a unique experience for each.

When editing, a list of widgets that can be configured on a per-model basis will appear with a new set of options for each.

Ready to give car buyers the tools they need to make informed decisions and stand out in a crowded market?

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What AutoSync Brings You

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