Certified Digital Advertising & Website Solutions for Mazda Dealerships

Upgrade your digital presence with TRFFK digital ads & TAdvantage website solutions!

AutoSync is proud to announce that our TRFFK digital advertising & TAdvantage website solutions are now part of the Mazda Canada Digital Dealer Certified Program! With a combined TRFFK & TAdvantage platform, your dealership can benefit from:

Enjoy the benefits of combined solutions:

1 Based on the lead generation performance of 600+ Canadian dealerships with similar ad budgets when subscribed to TRFFK vs other major digital ads providers. 

2 Lower cost per lead when remarketing to the in-market shoppers who visited AutoTrader.ca.

Boost Your Digital Presence

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TRFFK + TAdvantage

The #1 website & digital ads combination.

Canada’s largest automotive digital advertising provider with 600+ active dealers & license agreements.

Our innovative cross channel marketing strategies leverage the latest ad tech to effectively market your vehicles at
38% lower cost per click & maximizes ROI on your ad spend.

#1 Website Provider in Canada with 1,450+ live automotive retail websites

Our conversion optimized website package increases car shopper’s engagement by 22%. Elevate your dealership’s digital presence with our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Local Search Optimization (LSO) services, and Creative Solutions tailored for modern dealership needs.