Google Analytics 4 – Are You Ready for The Transition?

Migration to Google Analytics 4 from the current Universal Analytics platform is mandatory effective July 1, 2023, with no option to import historical data. 

This webinar covers topics specific to your dealership website, paid ad campaigns, and digital retailing tools. 

You Will Learn About

  • Benefits of migrating sooner 
  • The Automotive Standards Council and its role in the transition 
  • Best practices and common mistakes to avoid during GA4 implementation 
  • What conversion modeling is and how to best utilize it 
  • Leveraging Google Optimize integration and other new features 
  • Google Analytics 4 media integrations like Display & Video 360 


Meet The Panelists:

Brian Pasch 

Founder, PCG Digital & Brian Pasch Enterprises 


Explaining performance metric standardization in Google Analytics 4 with the rollout of the Automotive Standards Council   

Ivan Sandoval

Senior Marketing Manager, AutoSync  


Sharing digital marketing KPIs and conversion measurement best practices   

Tom Tao 

Analytics Implementation Manager, AutoSync 


Reviewing the differences between UA and Google Analytics 4 and providing an update on Google Analytics 4 implementation and tracking


Klaris Kovacs

Sr. Director Product Marketing, AutoSync  


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