Google Analytics 4

Are you ready for the transition?

Join our team of experts as we help you prepare for Google Analytics 4 (GA4),
Google’s next generation measurement platform.

Monday, November 28th @ 12:00 PM EST

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Featuring panelists from

Migration to GA4 from the current Universal Analytics platform is mandatory effective July 1, 2023, with no option to import historical data. This webinar covers topics specific to your dealership website, paid ad campaigns, and digital retailing tools.

You Will Learn

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Get insights and tips from subject matter experts

How the Automotive Standards Council for GA4 can support your transition

Brian Pasch

Founder, PCG Digital & Brian Pasch Enterprises

How to implement and leverage new performance metrics in Google Analytics 4

Tom Tao

Analytics Implementation Manager, AutoSync

How to track your digital marketing and website performance metrics through new KPIs

Ivan Sandoval

Senior Marketing Manager, AutoSync

Hosted by

Klaris Kovacs

Sr Director, Product Marketing, AutoSync